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With ATEC you can expect performance to be reliable and fast.

As a worldwide leading specialist for racing sport, automotive and special high-tech industries, our expertise and more than 35 years of experiences are geared towards high- performance fluid transfer systems.

For fields of use that require the highest levels of precision, utmost reliability and operating safety and where, in addition, each nanogram and each millisecond count, we develop, plan and produce hose and tube systems, reusable couplings and fittings in titanium, Inconel, aluminium or stainless steel.

Our range comprises brake hoses and lines, oil and fuel systems as well as pneumatic and hydraulic hoses and innovative cooling systems.

Manufacturing Individual Parts

Those who think outside the box must tick one box in particular: They must – like ATEC – master their trade and know the “box” inside out!

Based on our internationally outstanding manufacturing and material competence concerning titanium, Inconel, aluminium or stainless steel, we develop, plan and produce – in close conjunction with leading customers from industry and development departments around the world – high-tech components in the field of high-performance fluid transfer systems.

Our 112 Formula-1 Grand Prix victories since 2010 with ATEC inside have shown that top performance, time and again, requires precise preparation. When ATEC talks about “just in time”, we literally mean milliseconds. We measure and ensure precision in the nano and pico range.

What is it that makes us stand out and characterizes our special position in the market place? Worldwide leading producers in the motorsport sector and development departments in the automotive industry put their trust in ATEC. This makes us as a manufacturer, technology leader, technology crosslinker as well as developer and problem solver – even in other high-tech sectors – a sought-after and extremely reliable partner.


As soon as particular precision and special know-how about high-performance fluid transfer systems is required, ATEC joins the race.

Beyond the motorsport and automotive industries, we are very much sought after as a partner for the development departments in certain high-tech industries. We return the trust that our customers put in us by offering them the highest possible precision and top performance. The fields covered by ATEC are as varied as the changing roles we play – as sparring and development partner and extended high-tech workbench – for worldwide leading development departments.

Small series

Creators of legends must combine performance and a passion for perfection to cover even the smallest of details!

Super sports cars such as the McLaren P1 set performance standards, anticipate developments and, as such, embody what is technically feasible. It is a similar situation when it comes to the homologation of competitor vehicles in worldwide motorsport. When automobile legends are created that set the standards and, at times, define an entire era, leading producers and manufacturers rely on “ATEC inside”.

Whenever – in the case of tube systems or fittings – customers want outstanding performance and perfect craftsmanship, we display our expertise through small-series production. What is it that matters to us? How do we ensure that performance ends up where it is wanted? We are satisfied as long as we supply our customers just in time and reliably and as long as we, together with our customers, create emotions and make automobile dreams come true!

Manufacturing Competence

ATEC always ensures consistent and extremely fast performance.

As a worldwide leading specialist for the motorsport as well as the automotive and certain high-tech sectors, we direct our expertise and more than 35 years of experience at trailblazing solutions in high-performance fluid transfer systems.

When it comes to the development and manufacturing of highly specialised turned and milled parts, ATEC, the owner of machine pools at three state-of-the-art sites in Europe, is perfectly well equipped. Examples of advanced technological know-how “made by ATEC” are the use of modern VR technology as well as innovative 3D printing procedures … Since we work together with racing teams and the development departments of leading technology companies all over the world, high-tech, precision and expertise are an essential part of our DNA.

After years spent fine-tuning our project competence, we know all about the importance of current QM standards & certifications. To ensure that our performance appeals, we attach special importance to excellent interface and technology competence! In order to be able to process hoses and tubes, reusable couplings and fittings in titanium, Inconel, aluminium or stainless steel as best as possible – and on demand – also “just in time”, we deliberately dispense with the “just in time” system when it comes to material procurement. Quality assurance at ATEC means that we maintain extensive stocks of raw materials, i.e. of high-quality metals for the benefit of our customers.

Last but not least we don’t want to hide what, ultimately, makes our manufacturing competence unique: We invest in equal measure in high-tech and in brains so that the team at ATEC can use technology to enhance our position in the market place!

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