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ATEC is looking for team players with personality: Why not step on the accelerator now and join the race at the front!

As a worldwide leading specialist in high-performance fluid transfer systems we have a clear mission. Around the world, ATEC always steps in when people look for top performance, reliability and supreme precision. 112 Formula-1 Grand-Prix victories with “ATEC inside” since 2010 are only one example of the international top positions that we have been reaching as a team!

To ensure that our customers from the motorsport, automotive and high-tech industries achieve consistent success, we give EVERYTHING. On account of our racing sport history spanning 35 years we know that in order to be a top performer you need, first and foremost, a successful team. Above-average years of service show that, to us, social goals such as employee satisfaction are particularly important.

Have we got you interested? If so, just step on the accelerator and switch on the job turbo to race ahead in your career!

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If you do not find any current vacancies on this page, don’t worry! We still look forward to receiving your application.

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